Buchiage Parance #8 – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on August 10, 2008

Buchiage Parance #8
Release Date: 9/24/08
Price: 2648 yen

Before there was Hime Trance, there was Buchiage Trance. Victor’s Trance Rave sub-series was the best-selling trance series in Japan until Hime Trance came along. It’s been struggling in recent years, and by the time the seventh release came out they rebranded the series as Buchiage Parance with a new emphasis on eurobeat and Para Para (hence the title), though trance, techno, and psychedelic continued to be featured. The upcoming eighth release continues the Para Para theme and will once again come with a DVD. No early list yet, but expect Kei to appear.

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