The Cartoon World of Jenny Rom – Digital Downloads

Posted by DanceMaster on August 18, 2008

Jenny Rom

Saifam released this on iTunes in early June, but I never noticed. ^^; It’s a compilation of all of Jenny Rom’s songs (just the slower dance versions, unfortunately) plus that megamix Saifam produced recently. If you were to buy these tracks from Saifam’s website it would cost you the equivalent of about 22 bucks, but this album is only $11.99. Plus, you get the tracks in 256 kbps instead of Saifam’s 192.

The Cartoon World of Jenny Rom

01. [5:22] www.blondegirl (Extended Version)
02. [4:07] Hanky Panky (Bubble Mix)
03. [5:17] Robin Robin Hood (Extended Version)
04. [5:23] Happy Toyboys (Bubble Mix)
05. [4:54] The Game of Love (Bubble Game Mix)
06. [5:47] Senorita (Dance Mix)
07. [3:52] Ika Uka (Bubble Mix)
08. [4:21] Joe Joe (Bubble Mix)
09. [4:34] Pippi Girl (Bubble Mix)
10. [4:55] Wuki Wuki (Dancemania Mix)
11. [5:12] Be My Cowboy (The Factory Dance Mix)
12. [4:35] Coco Rock (Factory Hyper Mix)
13. [3:54] The Magnificant Seven (Bubble Mix)
14. [4:25] Popeye (The Factory Team Mix)
15. [5:28] The Boom Boom Hyper Megamix (Radio Edit)