Buchiage Parance #8 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on September 3, 2008

Buchiage Parance #8Buchiage Parance #8
Release Date: 9/24/08
Price: 2648 yen

Oh, joy, both “Caramelldansen” and “Sousei no Aquarion.” We certainly haven’t heard those two enough this year! And as a bonus, there’s also “One Million Miles,’ which has only shown up a few dozen times on other compilations.

If all those Quake repeats weren’t enough, there are also quite a few repeats from Victor’s old eurobeat series, Euro Panic!, which was last seen in 2001. I really can’t believe that Victor are so cheap that they can’t bother licensing newer eurobeat from Saifam.

Ah well, there are at least a few new songs on this, including Kei’s cover of “Tamashii no Refrain.”

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Dance Dance Revolution X – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on September 3, 2008

DDR XMore licenses announced! In addition to “Get Up ‘n Move” (which has been confirmed as receiving a new DDR X-edit), there’s also a new edit of Papaya’a “Hero.” Of course, it wouldn’t be DDR w/o Captain Jack, so I’d be surprised if one of his songs didn’t make an appearance. E-Rotic would be great as well, but they didn’t even appear on Party Collection so I won’t hold my breath.

2.) GET UP’N MOVE (2008 X-edit) – “Get dancing to this DDR classic track, reworked exclusively for DanceDanceRevolution X! With a healthy dose of Hip-Hop and Dance, “”GET UP’N MOVE”” has an energy and rhythm perfectly suited for the DDR dancefloor. “”GET UP’N MOVE”” was featured in the early DDR arcade machines throughout Japan.”

3.) HERO (2008 X-edit) – “First appearing in the early DDR arcade machines all over Japan, “”HERO”” has been reworked exclusively for DanceDanceRevolution X! “”HERO”” is a shining example of Danish Eurodance music. It’s melody, both light and catchy, capture the attention and lead you on a rhythm filled journey of delight.”

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