Jan 15
Naoki × Smile.dk!
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DDR XDance Dance Revolution X & FuruFuru Party Original Soundtrack
Release Date: 3/11/09
Price: 3048 yen

It was previously announced that a collaboration between Naoki and Smile.dk would be appearing on the Japanese version of DDR X, and we now have a song title: A Geisha’s Dream. A Japanese-themed song from Smile.dk?! Shock!

A full version of the song will be appearing on the upcoming DDR X + FuruFuru Party OST. Check out the rest of the track list at Bemanistyle.

Unlike the last few OSTs, which were available exclusively through Konamistyle, this one will also be published by Sony Music Entertainment, meaning that it will be available at various retailers. You can pre-order the 3-disc OST at CDJapan. 3200 yen is a surprisingly good price for 3 discs.