Exit Trance presents R25 Speed Anime Trance Best 3 ~Ghibli Edition~ – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on January 22, 2009

R25 3Exit Trance presents R25 Speed Anime Trance Best 3
Release Date: 2/4/08
Price: 1905 yen

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo sakana no ko… Get ready to hear those lyrics. A LOT. “Ponyo” is set to be this year’s “Sousei no Aquarion” in that it’s sure to be covered a million times and appear on every other Japanese dance compilation. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s the lead track on Quake’s tribute to the films of Studio Ghibli.

ET R25 SATB 3 ~GS~, quite possibly the longest acronym ever, does include a few repeats, including the aforementioned “Ponyo.” Most of the covers are new, however, so this should be a treat for Ghibli fans.

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