Buchiage Parance #9 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on March 7, 2009

Buchiage Parance #9
Release Date: 3/25/09
Price: 2848 yen

No Euro Panic! repeats! All right, that’s not entirely true because there are a few on the DVD. Surprisingly, however, the CD appears to be mostly new songs and remixes from Akiba Koubou. A few of the tracks are even labeled as 9LoveJ remixes, so it seems that 9LoveJ are involved with this release.

Other tracks include the obligatory “Ponyo” and “Caramelldansen” from Quake. There are also a few songs from artists known as L-mode and Stylish Heart. I’ve never heard of them, nor could I find any further information on them.

The DVD mostly has tracks from Zipang along with the aforementioned Euro Panic! repeats.

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