Exit Trance presents TranceMaster 03 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on April 8, 2009

TranceMaster 03Exit Trance presents TranceMaster 03
Release Date: 4/15/09
Price: 1905 yen

[b]Update![/b] As mentioned in the comments, it appears that TranceMaster 03 features only original songs, and not trance covers of classical pieces. I’m slightly disappointed, but at the same time rather relieved that we’ll finally get to hear original songs instead of covers.

TranceMaster is a series of trance albums featuring covers of classical masterpieces. You know, masterpieces such as “Funk You!” and “Crush on this groove.” In all seriousness, I’m as confused as you are. Presumably these will still be covers of classical tracks, except with random new titles, similar to the Delaction tracks from the first two albums. “Forever” did appear previously on N.O.-SYO’s Cyber Drift 2 album, though I can’t remember if it was indeed a cover.

The original trance masters are mostly accounted for. DJ Kaya, Overhead Champion, DJ Uto, Delaction, and DJ Yoshinori return, but Remo-Con seems to be conspicuously absent. Meanwhile, a lot of Quake’s artists will be making their TranceMaster debuts. Starving Trancer (with Mayumi Morinaga, no less), MK, B.U.S., and others will be taking a break from their usual anime duties to participate in TranceMaster for the first time.

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