Speed Anime M@ster ~Anison Master~* – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on June 10, 2009

Speed Anime M@sterSpeed Anime M@ster ~Anison Master~*
Release Date: 6/24/09
Price: 1900 yen

Formerly known as “Super Anime Beat,” the title has since changed to “Speed Anime M@ster.” Nothing on the early list made it to the final one, and it looks like Quake’s artists may not involved. Additionally, Akiba Koubou will be contributing quite a few tracks. So, basically, none of the details I mentioned for “Super Anime Beat” ended up being true. Damn you, Victor.

Despite the name change it does look like eurobeat is still the primary focus. Kei finally returns to Victor compilations with two new eurobeat covers. As mentioned, some tracks are licensed from Akiba Koubou, but they haven’t been repeated too extensively. I’m not entirely sure who produced the other tracks, but the artists are, umm, “idols.”

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