Exit Trance presents Zenbei No. 1 Cinema Covers 2 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on June 23, 2009

Cinema Covers 2Exit Trance presents Zenbei No. 1 Cinema Covers 2
Release Date: 7/1/09
Price: 1905 yen

Oh. Em. Gee. Ghostbusters! Raiders’ March!! WONKA’s WELCOME SONG!!! The final list for Cinema Covers 2 looks simply amazing. There are plenty of obvious picks but also quite a few obscure themes. Along with the aforementioned Willy Wonka theme, we’ll also be getting songs from Home Alone(!), The Last Samurai, and even Dinosaur. Sadly, there’s nothing as potentially inappropriate as “Theme from Schindler’s List” this time around.

The usual gang of Exit Trance artists will once again be doing the covers. Ryu* gets two tracks this time, one of them being “Ghostbusters.” Meanwhile, Dizzi Mystica gets the largest share with three tracks under his belt. I loved what he did with “The Imperial March,” so it makes sense that he’ll be doing the main Star Wars theme. The themes from The Dark Knight, and Pretty Woman are pretty inspired choices, though.

The biggest and best surprise is the appearance of N.O.-SYO. He was strangely absent from the first release, but he’ll be making his Cinema Covers debut with two tracks. N.O.-SYO’s distinct brand of rock-trance is sure to spice up “Raider’s March,” but I’m very curious to hear how “The Way of the Sword” will turn out.

Cinema Covers 2 isn’t entirely flawless, unfortunately. “Axel F” is present. AGAIN. B.U.S. did a great job with the theme on the first release, and Ron Rockwell’s electro-house version is nothing special. And isn’t “Welcome to Jurassic Park” essentially the same as the main theme that was already on the first Cinema Trance? They even have Starving Trancer doing it again.

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