Super Anime Remix Super Best – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on July 16, 2009

SAR Super BestSuper Anime Remix Super Best
Release Date: 7/22/09
Price: 2857 yen

First of all, that title is ridiculously redundant. Second, the font looks exactly like the font EMI used to use for their Dancemania “Super Best” releases.

Although it looks like there are a lot of repeats, a few of the songs seem to have new vocalists. It’s unclear of the tracks will be remixed as well, but it’s doubtful. After all, when Akiba Koubou did a Nagisa version of “Sousei no Aquarion” it was just the Haruka version with Nagisa’s vocals instead. 🙁

By the way, it seems that Dreamusic will be hosting a ParaPara competition of their own. Details at the SAR Official Site.

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