Mai Kotone – Sakura, Saku Koro ni. (Single) – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on January 31, 2010

Sakura, Saku Koro ni.Sakura, Saku Koro ni. (Single)
Release Date: 1/27/10
Price: 952 yen

The third single from singer Mai Kotone, who has contributed numerous tracks to the Anime*Dance series. Her first single, Dreamscape* was limited to 1,000 copies and sold out immediately. Her second single, Masterpiece, had a slightler larger print run at 1,500 copies but also quickly sold out. This single will be limited to only 2,500 copies. It doesn’t appear that CDJapan will be stocking this CD, and the only place that’s listing it is Amazon. However, even they are listing it as unavailable.

01. Sakura, Saku Koro ni.
02. Yeah yeah yeah!
03. Valentine Kiss
04. Sakura, Saku Koro ni. (Off Vocal)
05. Yeah yeah yeah! (Off Vocal)

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