Pandora feat. Bloom 06 – Kitchy Kitchy (Single) – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on March 3, 2010

PandoraKitchy Kitchy (Single)
Artist: Pandora feat. Bloom 06
Release Date: 3/16/10

Pandora’s label released a “Kitchy Kitchy” as a single track download late last year and it’s been so long since then that I assumed they’d never release remixes. Thankfully, 2010 finally brings a set of dance remixes, including a fantastic remix by Bloom 06. United Forces also contribute a couple of fun remixes. I’m fairly sure it’s not the same United Forces associated with Viverus Studios, but I could be wrong.

Samples can be found here: According to Pandora’s website, the remix single should be out on iTunes worldwide soon.

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