Mega Trance 11 – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on March 22, 2010

Mega Trance 11Mega Trance 11
Release Date: 4/28/10
Price: 2190 yen

Mega Trance lives!! It’s been almost a year since Mega Trance 10 came out, but FARM are finally bringing back the long-running series. Highlights include a new version of Heavens Wire’s “The End of Summer,” this time featuring DJ Joker. I’m also excited about a pair of R&B trance remixes, including an Overhead Champion remix of “I Gotta Feeling” as well as a Delaction remix of “Fire Burning.” Other artists include DJ Tora, DJ Ozawa, DJ Uto, and Los Hermanos.

The early list is looking very promising. I just hope they don’t ruin it all by adding tons of electro.

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