Anime Euro Best ~School Edition~ – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on May 14, 2010

Anime Euro BestAnime Euro Best ~School Edition~
Release Date: 5/12/10
Price: 2284 yen

I just got my copy and for those wondering, it’s a non-stop mix. Unfortunately, no full versions appear to be available on iTunes yet. Then again, Dreamusic don’t use iTunes Plus, so they’d be low-quality, DRMed files anyway.

DJ Command absolutely dominates the album with 7 songs, though most are technically repeats or just have new vocals. Still, I think his cover of “Don’t say “lazy”” is my new favorite, displacing kors k’s version. The new Kei songs are great as well. If you can get past the Super Anime Remix repeats, it’s actually a pretty good album. And according to Akiba Koubou, it’s the first release in a new series. I guess AEB is replacing SAR then.

Also, the booklet and back cover list the wrong artist for track 16. They list it as Usa, but it’s really Mi->Na. Akiba Koubou are offering replacement booklets if you’re really bent out of shape about it.

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