Geki Love J-Euro ~J-Pop Covers Best~ – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on September 20, 2010

Geki Love J-Euro ~J-Pop Covers Best~
Release Date: 11/3/10
Price: 1900 yen

FARM’s last true eurobeat compilation, Ai Love J-Euro, came out way back in December of last year and was unfortunately loaded with repeats. Here’s hoping FARM’s latest attempt to jump on the Wa Euro bandwagon yields better, more original results. The 16 tracks (out of 20) revealed so far look promising, as they’ve yet to appear on FARM compilations before. Neither have Akiba Koubou produced many of them, so even if it’s AKBK producing we should be treated to new tracks.

The album will be non-stop mixed by the one and only DJ Boss.

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