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May 31

Exit Trance presents Speed Anime Trance Best 13
Release Date: 8/3/11
Price: 1905 yen

Lucky number 13 in Quake’s long-running SATB series. Out of the songs announced so far, I’m most looking forward to “Magia.”

Pre-order early to ensure that you’ll get a limited edition cell phone strap.

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May 30

Lagrange*Point (Single)
Artist: Mai Kotone
Release Date: 6/7/11
Price: 952 yen

Mai Kotone’s fifth single. There are three different covers available, but the contents are the same. If you order the complete set from HMV, you’ll receive a signed photo plus 3 additional photos of Mai Kotone.

On a related note, Mai’s fourth single, “Cosmic Universe,” was recently made available internationally on Amazon and iTunes.

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May 29

Super Vocalo Beat
Release Date: 6/1/11
Price: 2405 yen

Let’s Euro Beat! The long-delayed vocaloid eurobeat cover album finally sees the light of day. Your favorite utatte mita artists join forces with Akiba Koubou’s best producers to bring you and album of all-new material. I’m still shocked that they didn’t try to put “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru [Shiteyanyo]” on this.

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May 28

Geki Atsu! J-Euro Dai Ren Chan Senryoubako Version!
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: 2190 yen

Hmm, not as bad as I initially feared. There are 8 new songs, not including a few resings. I’m not sure yet if the other songs are rearranged because I didn’t bother pre-ordering this one. ^^; “Zankoku” is definitely the rearranged version from the first Geki Atsu! J-Euro. Meanwhile, “Ai wo Torimodose!!” sounds like it’s the version from Kiwami Euro Best.

Takeshi Ikoma, who produced the first two entries, no longer seems to be involved with the series.

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May 27

Gaga in the House
Release Date: 6/1/11
Price: 1429 yen

New CD from FARM compiling house covers of Lady Gaga songs. Only 10 tracks plus a short intro megamix, but they’re all full versions. You can buy the album from iTunes Japan for only 600 yen.

Strangely, “Just Dance” is credited to I.T.T, even though it sounds exactly the same as the MSG version from Mega Trance 11. I guess it’s just a different alias.

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May 26

The Carnivore Box Vol. 1
Artist: Minimum Cox
Release Date: 5/26/11
Price: $12.99

Beatport exclusive (for now) featuring full versions of Minimum Cox’s biggest hits. Although many of these tracks have already been released on the House Flavor R&B digital releases, the versions here are all extended.

Please no comments about the cover art.

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May 25

V.I.P. presents Electro House Party
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: 1500 yen

Full versions of EMI songs from VIP Celebrity Party Mix. In some cases they opted for radio edits instead of the full club mixes, though. :/

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May 24

V.I.P. Celebrity Party Mix
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: 2171 yen

Yet another offshoot of the V.I.P. series, this time focusing on house and club remixes. Wait, didn’t this used to be called Love House? This was originally supposed to be released in February, but was delayed to late May. Too bad they didn’t spend the time getting a more current selection of songs.

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May 23

R&B in the House -Greatest Megamix-
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: 1900 yen

DJ Fumi*Yeah! mixes yet another R&B house collection. Lots of older productions. but there are some new tracks as well. Unfortunately for fans of full versions, the iTunes release is the same as the CD version.

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May 22

Perfect! R&B House mixed by DJ Hiroki
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: 1886 yen

Yet another R&B house compilation. Most of the tracks are licensed from Power Music, while 3 tracks are DJ Hiroki productions. Power Music are quickly becoming the Akiba Koubou of R&B house. -_-

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May 21

Text Me Too Much (Single)
Artist: Lucky Princess
Release Date: 4/19/11
Price: $2.99

Lucky Princess’s follow-up to her debut single, “Deadbeat Boyfriend.” TMTM is a hyper techno tune about the dangers of over-texting. I wasn’t overly fond of Disko Warp’s previous attempt at hyper techno on Speedisko 2, but this does a really good job of capturing the sound. Make sure to check out the music video, a nod to all sorts of early 90s atrocities:

The video edit can be found on iTunes, but you can get additional bonus tracks by buying the single at Bandcamp.

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May 20

Bubblegum Dancer (Single)
Artist: Hanna Stockzell
Release Date: 5/25/11
Price: $3

Fantastic new solo single from Hanna Stockzell of Smile.dk. The single is dedicated to Bubblegum Dancer, the world’s premier bubblegum dance site. The original mix includes some awesome bubblegum synths and guitars, not to mention Hanna’s bubbly vocals. Meanwhile, speed fans will take an instant liking to the J-Mi & Midi-D remix. To make things even sweeter, 50% of profits go to UNICEF. Grab the single off Hanna’s official website.

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May 19

All Night Long (Single)
Artist: J-Mi & Midi-D feat. Hanna Stockzell
Release Date: 5/7/11
Price: $7.99

New single from J-Mi and Midi-D with additional vocals provided by Hanna Stockzell, formerly of Smile.dk. Remixes are provided by United Forces and Disko Warp, among others. I’m most fond of the speedy Panik mix, but the original and Disko Warp Hearling Aura remixes are also quality tracks. I wish they didn’t autotune the vocals so much though 🙁

Samples can be found on their official website. The single is available for download at Amazon or iTunes.

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May 18

You Woke My Heart (Single)
Artist: Pandora
Release Date: 3/30/11
Price: 9,99 €

Brand new album from the Eurodance queen featuring her latest hit singles, “You Woke My Heart,” “You Believed,” and “Kitchy Kitchy” among others. The album is available on iTunes Finland but doesnt yet seem to be available anywhere else.

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May 17

You Woke My Heart (Single)
Artist: Pandora feat. JS16
Release Date: 5/9/11

A collaboration between Pandora and another established Dancemania artists, JS16, who was most famous for “Stomp to My Beat.” The maxi single is available on Juno Download, but only in certain European countries. Hopefully it’ll show up on a US download service soon.

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