Britney Hamada & Yukari Hyougo – Majipanee! – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on July 5, 2011

Artist: N.O.-SYO feat. Britney Hamada & Yukari Hyougo
Release Date: 8/3/11
Price: 1619 yen

N.O.-SYO is back with another album, this time featuring the breakout stars Britney Hamada and Yukari Hyougo. The two Pagal icons previously sang “Majipanee” on N.O.SYO’s last album, and the song was subsequently used as the ending theme for the TV show, Takarazuka ~cafe break~. Apparently it’s become popular enough to warrant an entire album of Britney and Yukari songs. Okay, technically it’s just 5 songs plus lots of remixes/instrumentals, for a total of 13 tracks.

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