Dance Dance Revolution X3 vs. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MIX

Posted by DanceMaster on August 25, 2011

As reported on Bemanistyle, the next release in the Dance Dance Revolution series, DDR X3, will feature a Dance Dance Revolution 2nd MIX mode. Rather than simply emulating 2nd MIX, the game will feature 2nd MIX on the X3 engine so you can enjoy it for the first time in HD. Obviously it wouldn’t be 2nd MIX without the licensed tracks, so Konami have teamed up with EMI for the first time since 2006 to include Dancemania tracks on DDR. Presumably all 2nd MIX tracks will be present so we can once again relive the glory of the 90s.

Why 2nd MIX? Without a doubt, 2nd MIX represented the height of popularity for both DDR and Dancemania. The soundtrack, which is scheduled to be re-released by EMI this November, sold an astounding 550,000+ copies. By comparison, 3rd MIX sold less than half that at only 200,000 sold.

Meanwhile, Dancemania Sparkle has been selling relatively well, reaching as high as 16 on the Oricon daily charts. There’s definitely an appetite for 90s music out there, so let’s hope we see more Dancemania and DDR releases in the future.

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