Toho Cyber Trance Akai Halozy Trance Collection – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on December 28, 2011

Toho Cyber Trance Akai Halozy Trance Collection
Release Date: 12/30/11
Price: 1000 yen (C81) or 1500 (Shop)

Well, if someone was going to make a Toho Trance album, it might as well have been Halozy. Halozy are a doujin circle comprising Sumijun (arrange), Hotaru (vocals), and others. I’m under the impression that Halozy’s Sumijun is the same person as Akiba Koubou’s Sumijun, but there’s no mention of AKBK on the Halozy website or vice versa. Anyway, Halozy are mostly known for their dance/trance arrangements, so I’m a bit surprised it took them this long to release a full-on toho trance album. Guest artists include Blue Twinkle, Irus, and crouka. You can listen to a crossfade demo on the official website.

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