Let’s Dance -Super 80s Disco Hits- – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on February 27, 2012

Let’s Dance -Super 80s Disco Hits-
Release Date: 12/7/11 ⇨ 12/21/11 ⇨ 1/18/12 ⇨ 2/8/12 ⇨ 3/28/12
Price: 2857 yen

2-disc compilation from EMI celebrating Roppongi disco hits. As with Mogra Mix, this was originally supposed to come out in December, but EMI has postponed the release date a few times before settling on a March 28 release date. The delay was probably for the best, or else it would’ve been in direct competition with the similarly themed Dancemania Sparkle Classics. Songs selected by DJ Osshy of Roppongi Nirvana.

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