Mogra Mix – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on March 13, 2012

Mogra Mix Vol. 1 mixed by DJ Wildparty
Release Date: 12/7/11 ⇨ 12/21/11 ⇨ 2/1/12 ⇨ 2/29/12 ⇨ 3/14/12
Price: 2476 yen

New compilation from EMI, done in collaboration with Club Mogra. In addition to Vocaloid, there are also House songs from artists like DJ Kawasaki, Digitalism, Ram Rider and Rap Bit. Exclusive new songs and remixes will make their debuts on this album.

Retailer-exclusive bonuses are also available. Animate will be giving out sticker sheets, while Tsutaya will distribute clear files and Tower Records will hand out posters.

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