Mayumi Morinaga – Glitter/Kamiuta – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on April 15, 2012

Artist: Mayumi Morinaga
Release Date: 6/6/12
Price: 2381 yen (CD+DVD Edition) or 1905 yen (CD Only Edition)

Five years after the release of her debut song, “One Million Miles,” Mayumi Morinaga finally comes out with her first album! The lead single will be “Glitter (Starving Trance Remix),” which is currently being used as the ending theme of the anime, “Fairy Tail.” The CD+DVD version will include a DVD featuring the “Glitter” music video as well as the “Fairy Tail” ending video w/o credits.

So far the only song announced has been “Glitter,” though I’m assuming there’ll also be a track titled, “Kamiuta.” You can probably also expect songs from here recent singles, and possibly some of her Bemani work. I’m hoping for an updated remix of “One Million Miles” for old times’ sake, but that would require Quake to remember their Exit Trance roots and we all know how likely that is.

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