J-Mach!! -Hi-Speed Dance Mix- – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on May 21, 2012

J-Mach!! -Hi-Speed Dance Mix-
Release Date: 5/23/12
Price: 1905 yen

Wow, I can’t believe how disappointing this is. My greatest fear was that Akiba Koubou would go the cheap route and just increase the tempo of the songs and call it a day. However, what they did was somehow much worse: nothing. That’s right, they didn’t bother to rearrange the songs at all, much less change the tempos. Pretty much all of the tracks are at or near their original BPMs, with most of the album ranging from 160-165 BPM. The final 7 tracks range from around 170-190, but those are all at their original BPMs as well. I would have been more forgiving if it had been marketed as a eurobeat album, but it just doesn’t work as a Speed album because it doesn’t feel very fast as a whole. The mixing isn’t particularly memorable, either, with some transitions that are downright jarring. The fact that it’s 100% repeats just makes things that much worse. That said, Team KY’s “Run ‘n’ Gun” is amazing. I wish I had just found a way to buy the single instead of this. :/

In addition to the CD version, J-Mach!! is also available digitally on iTunes Japan. Keep in mind that the digital version is also mixed.

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