Toho Eurobeat Vol. 5 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on May 28, 2012

Toho Eurobeat Vol. 5 ~ Imperishable Night
Release Date: 5/27/12
Price: 1400 yen

Doujin release featuring eurobeat covers of popular touhou songs. Odd that they’re releasing it in May, as in the past they’ve waited for the August Comiket to release TEB CDs. You can visit the official website for a crossfade demo.

For fans outside of Japan, White Canvas is willing to ship overseas, and they’ll be carrying TEB 5: For more information on their service, go to their info page: In addition to the price of the CD and overseas shipping, there’s also a 1,000 yen commission per order, so it might be a good idea to pick up TEB 1-4 and Best 2011 at the same time. Note that I haven’t used White Canvas, but I’ve read online that speak decent English, so it might be your best shot at acquiring these CDs.

CDJapan also have a new shopping service so you might be able to ask them to buy it for you.

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