Dancemania Party ~ Best of 90s Dance Hits – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on August 1, 2012

Dancemania Party ~ Best of 90s Dance Hits
Release Date: 8/1/12
Price: 2381 yen

Dancemania is still alive!! That’s MST’s special message, in English no less, to Dancemania fans!

Yes, Dancemania Party is full of many songs that fans have heard multiple times, but there are 12 songs that are “new” to the series. “Roses Are Red” turned out to be a different remix than the one previously used on ZIPmania Best, so it technically counts as a “new” track. The other new tracks are great representatives of 90s eurodance, particularly the tracks that previously appeared on Victor’s Dance Panic series. I’m just glad they shied away from the euro-reggae that was prominent on Sparkle.

For those interested, “Moonlight Shadow” is the original version from Dancemania 7 and not the new vocal version from X8, while “My Heart Will Go On” is the Definitive mix.

The mixing by MST is generally very good. I think he put more effort into this one than usual just because he didn’t have to mix the same old tracks again. I just wish he’d stop using that fake crowd noise.

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