Kouhey – Burning × Warning – Pre-Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on January 21, 2013

Burning × Warning
Artist: Kouhey
Release Date: 2/6/13
Price: 3000 yen (CD+DVD Edition) or 1905 yen (CD Only Edition)

Kouhey’s first major album came out in 2010 under the Victor label, but it looks like the highly anticipated follow-up album will come from Avex. The new album features collaborations with noted Vocaloid producers including samfree, doriko, Darvish P, and 40mP. Guest vocalists include Sekihan and Shinichiro Suzuki. In addition to a CD only edition, there’ll also be a CD+DVD version, with the DVD featuring Utattemita lessons. Visit Avex’s official website or Kouhey’s personal website for more info.

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