Vibration All Stars – Supereurobeat Vol. 36-39 – Digital Downloads

Posted by DanceMaster on March 30, 2013

Artist: Vibration All Stars
Price: $8.99 per album; $1.29 per track

Volumes 36-39 of LED’s Supereurobeat series have finally been released to iTunes this March. I was starting to think Luigi Stanga would never get around to releasing the rest of the catalogue, but with these four releases I believe all of LED’s Eurobeat songs are now available on iTunes. Vol. 36-38 are primarily composed of tracks that were licensed to FARM for their Eurobeat compilations, as well as tracks from EMI’s Natsu Monogatari series. Many of these tracks have been available for quite a while on Juno Download. However, there were two tracks from Natsu Monogatari 2009 that have never been available for purchase. Until now.

That’s right, Supereurobeat Vol. 39 features the digital debuts of both “Destination to Desire” and “Good Night Tokyo,” the final two songs released by LED Records/Vibration. They’re listed under different artists than they were on Dancemania, but they’re unmistakably the same tracks.

Also noteworthy is “Re-light My Fire” on Vol. 38, which I always forget is an LED track. It appeared on Happy Paradise 2 but apparently has never been released digitally, either. Good on LED for remembering to release it.

I’m glad the entirety of LED’s catalogue is now available, but it seems somewhat bittersweet because there’s an aura of finality surrounding their release. It’s as if we can never again expect anything new from LED. 🙁

Full list of available albums and Dancemania-related tracks after the jump.

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