Radio Gosha × Disko Warp DVD – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on April 3, 2013

Radio Gosha x Disko Warp: Living a Colorful Life
Release Date: 3/15/13
Price: $12 (Digital Album Only) or $25 (CD+DVD)

A new CD+DVD set compiling Radio Gosha’s music videos for Disko Warp as well as a bonus remix CD. The remix CD is available digitally, on Disko Warp’s Bandcamp page, Amazon MP3, or iTunes.

I got my copy last week and the remixes are amazing. DJ Command delivered an awesomely energetic Eurobeat remix of “Space Space Shooter” with a few hyper techno influences to boot. Meanwhile, DJ Shimamura’s Speed Trance/Hardcore remix of “Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire” turned out even more epic than I imagined it would. Other stand-out tracks include the Rainbowdragoneyes chiptune remix of “Hej Sokoly” and J-Mi & Midi-D’s BPM-shifting remix of “Pussy Game.”

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