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Posted by DanceMaster on April 7, 2013

House Flavor R&B ~Original Best~ Vol. 7
Release Date: 3/20/13
Price: 1200 yen

7th release in the digital series, which collects fulls versions of songs from various FARM compilations. Oddly enough, this one features many songs that have yet to appear on CD compilations, though I’m sure they’ll be repeated endlessly soon enough. 11 new productions in all.

Featured artists include FARM mainstays like Minimum Cox, i-deal, and Daiki × ZK. I’m still curious as to who Straight Flush is, though. The alias appeared on Super Best Trance presents Natsu Trance 2007 and 2008, then wasn’t heard from again before suddenly reappearing on FARM’s house compilations in 2012. If they’re one in the same, then I wonder if it’s an alias for a J-Trance producer?

Once again, it’s exclusive to iTunes Japan.

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