Saifam Speed – March 2013

Posted by DanceMaster on April 11, 2013

Saifam Speed – March 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Another pair of Speed tracks for March. “Children” is a cover of the classic Robert Miles song, while “Try” is a P!nk cover.

SPE213 – [3:56] Children (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedogang
SPE214 – [4:33] Try (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedmaster
SPE214 – [4:19] Try (32 Counts version) / Speedmaster

Edit: As pointed out by Vincent in the comments, there’s also a new Interdance cover of Dancing Queen by Tipsy & Tipsy, the first new Interdance song since last October.

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  1. Vincent says:

    There is also a new Interdance track by Tipsy & Tipsy called ‘Dancing Queen’.

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