May 10
Ryu* – Plan 8 – Update
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Plan 8
Artist: Ryu*
Release Date: 7/3/13
Price: 1905 yen

Album art and early list have been revealed for Ryu*’s upcoming 5th album. According to descriptions sent out to retailers, the album is scheduled to have 15 tracks in all instead of the usual 20. That’s rather disappointing, albeit understandable since this album will come just 7 months since his previous album. I wonder if they’ll try to squeeze in 2 Ryu* albums this year, though? Otherwise I don’t get why they didn’t just wait until December so they could have the usual 20 tracks.

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May 10

Bunbun Nine9′ (Jacket B ver.) (CD Only) (Single)
Artist: Cheeky Parade
Release Date: 1/9/13
Price: 952 yen

A single released by the idol group, Cheeky Parade, earlier this year. Notable for the ZK (a.k.a. Ace Closer/Floorbreaker/etc.) remix of “Cheeky Dreamer,” which is available ONLY on the Jacket B, CD Only version. It’s an awesome trance remix with touches of hyper techno, and it’s amazing to see such a remix released in 2013. Again, it’s only available on the Jacket B version of the CD single; even the iTunes release doesn’t have it. -_-

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