EDM ~Electronic Dance Madness~ 4 – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on June 9, 2013

EDM ~Electronic Dance Madness~ 4
Release Date: 6/5/13 ⇨ 6/26/13 ⇨ Release Cancelled
Price: 2190 yen

Bad news for EDM fans. It seems that EDM 4 has been cancelled for the time being. I hope this isn’t a result of Universal meddling. -_-

Update! DJ Tomo mentioned on his Twitter that the EMI/Universal merger was indeed responsible. Parlophone, formerly part of EMI and home to David Guetta and Coldplay (basically half of EDM), was sold off to Warner as part of the merger, so DJ Tomo was no longer able to use their songs freely. I wonder if he was in the middle of mixing the CD when the sale was finalized, and he wouldn’t have been able to do an entirely new list in such little time?

He goes on to apologize to anyone who was looking forward to EDM 4. He does say that he’s considering a new project, which may be released in August. There’s no mention if the EDM series will continue in the future.

Unfortunately, this has bad implications for Dancemania as well. EMI subsidiaries in European countries like Denmark and Sweden were also sold off to Warner, so say good-bye to the likes of Me & My and Smile.dk 🙁

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