Ryu* – Plan 8 – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on July 2, 2013

Plan 8
Artist: Ryu*
Release Date: 7/3/13
Price: 1905 yen

What the hell? Ryu* only had 7 months to get this album together and somehow it still has a greater percentage of new tracks than his previous albums. The only tradeoff is that there are only 15 tracks instead of the usual 20.

Bonus items include an autographed card, rubber strap, pass case, clear file, and poster.

There are also retailer-exclusive bonuses available:
Konami Style
– Muffler Towel
– Smartphone/IC Card Sticker
– Konami Style Limited CD (Plan C (kors k Remix) / Ryu☆)

– Ryu* Special Remix CD (Plan C (Another Infinity Remix / Ryu☆)

Tower Records
– Can Badge

Tsutaya Records
– Ryu* Special Remix CD (Plan C (Seiryuu Remix / Ryu☆)

Tora no Ana
– Ryu* Special Remix CD (Plan C (Starving Trancer Remix / Ryu☆)

Don Quijote
– “Plan 8” Microfiber Cloth

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