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Posted by DanceMaster on August 27, 2013

R&B Summer Drivin’ ~Nemuku Naranai Drive Music~
Release Date: 7/24/13
Price: 900 yen

Sequel to R&B House Drivin’. This digital only compilation features full versions of many songs from Driving Hits -Speed-. I actually complained about Driving Hits -Speed- being too slow, with most of the tracks hovering around 130-140 BPM, but judging by this album the original versions were even slower! Ironically, the subtitle roughly translates to “Don’t Be Sleepy Drive Music.”

Still, I did enjoy Driving Hits -Speed- for what it was, and this collects some of my favorite tracks from it. In particular, I loved Daiki & ZK’s spectacular rendition of “Troublemaker” and “Shake Senora,” both of which appear here. Oddly, the arrangement of “We’ll Be Coming Back” is vastly different than the one on Driving Hits -Speed-. I actually thought it was a completely different song at first.

Available on iTunes Japan.

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