V.I.P. 10th Anniversary Best Mix – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on September 27, 2013

V.I.P. 10th Anniversary Best Mix
Release Date: 10/30/13
Price: 2171 yen

The 10th release in the V.I.P. series will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series, which began in 2003. The release is a little earlier than usual, though. Previous release in the main series have always come out in December. I wonder if this non-stop mix is a special release, and they’ll release a proper V.I.P. X in December?

Anyway, it’s nice to see Universal continue an EMI series. There may be hope for Dancemania yet. I’m sure in 2016 they’ll announce a 20th anniversary Dancemania release…then cancel it two months later.

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