The Finest -Dance The Best- – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on September 28, 2013

The Finest -Dance The Best-
Release Date: 9/18/13
Price: 2171 yen

A new dance compilation from Warner Music. The Finest is an R&B compilation series similar in vein to EMI’s VIP or Universal’s What’s Up. In fact, Universal and Warner collaborated on a The Finest × What’s Up release as well as on What’s Up × The Finest.

This CD was originally conceived as a 2-CD set titled The Finest The Best of Best R&B / Dance / Hip Hop. However, dance is back in fashion now, so Warner apparently decided to ditch the R&B/Hip-Hop and went for a single-CD dance compilation instead. Also, CD Japan list it as “The Finest -The Dance The Best-,” which I find mildly amusing for its overuse of articles.

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