N.O.-SYO – Dur-Moll Heaven – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on November 27, 2013

Dur-Moll Heaven
Artist: N.O.-SYO
Release Date: 11/27/12
Price: ??? yen

N.O.-SYO’s album is now up on Japanese iTunes, and will be available worldwide on November 30. You can listen to samples on Amazon MP3. Unfortunately, it does look like he’s dropped the “club/trance” aspect of his music for this album; the arrangements are pure rock.

On a side note, I contacted N.O.-SYO by e-mail a few months ago asking if he was willing to ship Sound Drive -Drift Luxy V.I.P.- worldwide, and he just recently got back to me and kind of misunderstood the question (my fault for using Google Translate, lol). He reiterated that Sound Drive -Dance Rock Mix- is finally available digitally worldwide, but made no mention of DLV.

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