Sweets for My Zippies!

Posted by DanceMaster on December 10, 2013

ZIPmania Special

The end of the year is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: Toy Day (otherwise known as Christmas) is coming! As a special present for Dancemania fans who are supporting the releases, I’ve got something special for people who have purchased either ZIPmania All Best Mix, ZIPmania Super Greatest Hits, or both. Just make a post in the comments with a link to a picture of your copy of the album and a little piece of paper with your username on it, or take a screenshot of your iTunes receipt (make sure to edit out any identifying details). I’ll contact you via e-mail, hopefully by the end of the year, with details on how to claim your present. Please no photoshops or printouts of the ZIPmania cover in a CD case. Unless they’re really good, in which case I’ll send you something for trying, lol.


Piano Best -Ghibli and more- – Final Release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on December 10, 2013

Piano Best -Ghibli and more- performed by Piano Master
Release Date: 12/11/13
Price: 1900 yen

This is kind of a surprise. Piano House was a pretty big genre back in 2009, but by 2010 the fad fizzled out. The last Piano Master album came out in June of 2010, so it’s odd that they’re releasing a best-of album 3 years later. As the title suggests, most of the tracks will be arrangements of Ghibli themes, though there are some classical arrangements and even a trance arrangement as well. The album is also available digitally on iTunes. You can visit the official website for more info on Piano Master’s previous works.

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