Party Time presents Football Anthem -World Cup Mix- – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on March 25, 2014

Party Time presents Football Anthem -World Cup Mix- mixed by DJ Akeey
Release Date: 5/7/14
Price: 1800 yen

It’s been a fairly lean year for FARM Records here in 2014. By the end of May 2013 they had 10 CDs released, but this year it’s looking like they’ll only have 5 CDs out in the same time frame. I suppose their digital output has been ramped up lately, but I’m still somewhat concerned.

Anyway, this new release in the Party Time series will be celebrating the World Cup. Whether that means popular football anthems from over the years or just the same old repeats from the last year remains to be seen. Either way, I’m sure “Sambe de Janeiro” will end up on this.

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