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Posted by DanceMaster on March 26, 2014

House Nation Digital Best Gig
Release Date: 3/26/14
Price: 900 yen

The House Nation series lives on with this new digital compilation. Unlike most of Avex’s digital cash grabs, this is actually a pretty good deal. For 900 yen you not only get 21 full versions, but also a 90 minute non-stop mix. Victor Japan recently tried something similar with their Anime EDM release, so I hope this practice of full versions + non-stop mix becomes more common in the future.

Coincidentally, there have been a number of recent articles mentioning that the Japan music industry saw a steep decline in sales last year. Apparently people in Japan have finally stopped buying as many CDs as they used to, and Japanese labels are only now beginning to truly embrace the digital market. Yesterday I mentioned that FARM have slowed their physical output, and Avex have also been releasing just a fraction of the CDs that they used to release. I’m still wondering where Rave Mix 002 is.

Thanks to Arctic for the tip!

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