Speed Star – Update

Posted by DanceMaster on March 27, 2014

Speed Star
Release Date: 4/27/14
Price: 1500 yen

The winners of RTTF’s Speed Star contest have been announced. One of them is Argentina’s Francisco Gaitan, occasional Disko Warp collaborator and all-around Hyper Techno genius. He’s here under his MHX alias, and joins other winners XEN and FIG (apparently all winners were required to have 3-letter aliases). As a reminder, Speed Star is a 2-disc compilation featuring songs that are 170+ BPM. It should be a real treat for Dancemania Speed or Speed Anime Trance Best fans.

A good amount of the tracklist has been revealed, but 4 tracks from “foreign guest producers” are still under wraps. Assuming that the number of questions marks lines up with the actual artist names, one of the guest artists is most assuredly JAKAZiD, given that he’s collaborated with RTTF in the past. Track 1-2 could be “Chris Bucknall feat. ???????? ??? ? ????? ?”, but that’s just speculation/wishful thinking.

Also interesting is that the catalog number is RTTF-0010, meaning that DJ Hyuji intentionally skipped over RTTF-0009 for some reason. It actually annoys me when labels like Quake skip catalog numbers. It makes me dream of the possibilities of what could have been.

The CD will be available at the upcoming M3-2014 event in Japan, which is currently scheduled for April 27. Foreign buyers can buy it by contacting DJ Hyuji: http://rttf.eternalbreeze.net/contact.html. I previously speculated that the album would be made available digitally (and the contest page still mentions it), but I see no mention of that on the current page.

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Mafia’s Blood ~Shitsuji Salvatore no Kurooshiki Houshi~ Vol. 02 – Pre-release Info

Posted by DanceMaster on March 27, 2014

Mafia’s Blood ~Shitsuji Salvatore no Kurooshiki Houshi~ Vol. 02
Artist: Ken Takeuchi
Release Date: 5/21/14
Price: 1852 yen

Second in a planned trilogy of “Mafia’s Blood” drama CDs. The featured voice actor on this volume will be Ken Takeuchi.

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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