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Posted by DanceMaster on May 26, 2014

Back to Basics -EP-
Artist: Overhead Champion
Release Date: 5/21/14
Price: 600 yen

It’s been 5 years since his last release, but Overhead Champion is back with new trance tracks! When this was announced I was afraid it was going to be EDM, but it’s pure, unabashed J-Trance.

The EP appears to be available worldwide on a variety of services, including Amazon MP3, iTunes, Beatport, and others.

2014 is the 10-year anniversary of the J-Trance boom, when series like Mega Trance, Trance Paradise, and Super Best Trance all started (though the original Trance Rave actually came out in 2001). Keep an eye out later this year when I’ll do posts on older J-Trance releases that predated the start of this blog.

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