Upcoming Releases (EDM Edition)

Posted by DanceMaster on September 28, 2014

Ultra Music Festival Japan recently took place, and a lot of companies have released or will release EDM compilations to capitalize on the EDM boom. I’ve compiled a quick list here and will update it as more releases pop up.

2014/08/20 – Ultra Music Festival Japan 2014 (CDJapan) (iTunes) [Sony]

2014/09/17 – Spinnin’ in the Mix (CDJapan) [FARM]

2014/10/01 – Sick EDM 02 (CDJapan) [Dreamusic]
2014/10/01 – The King of EDM (iTunes) [FARM]
2014/10/08 – I Love EDM -Hits & Anthems- (CDJapan) [Universal]
2014/10/08 – Big Paaartyy!! In the EDM (CDJapan) [FARM]
2014/10/29 – Best Mix ~Cheval Edition~ EDM & All Mix Party (CDJapan) [Avex]

2014/11/12 – EDM Revolution -World Dance Anthems- (CDJapan) [FARM]
2014/11/26 – DJ Kaori’s Best EDM Mix (CDJapan) [Universal]

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