Mar 5

Anison Mix Laboratory ~Second Report~
Release Date: 5/27/15
Price: 3800 yen

About a month after the CD came out, Universal made both Second Report and the First Report available in FLAC on It’s cool to see them embrace lossless, but unfortunately, they charge double compared to the 320kbps AAC versions.

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Mar 4

Anison Matome
Release Date: 6/24/15
Price: 1350 yen

Digital collection featuring full versions of various Akiba Koubou covers. Some of these are quite rare, and I believe haven’t been offered as full versions before.

Available on iTunes Japan and other digital storefronts.

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Mar 3

SAR Super BestMelodic Lover Digital Album
Release Date: 2/22/16
Price: 2400 yen

Melodic Lover was a CD originally released in 2008. It received an iTunes digital release on the same day as the CD. Now, almost eight years later, Universal randomly decided to release another digital album with longer edits and more songs, some of which originally appeared on FARM’s Love Para series. Right now it’s only available on Amazon JP and a few other Japanese stores.

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Mar 2

SAR Super BestSuper Anime Remix Super Best
Release Date: 7/22/09
Price: 10,000 yen

Super Anime Remix Super Best originally came out in July of 2009, but about a year later it was discontinued and any trace of it was expunged from Dreamusic’s site. The 2CD+DVD set became quite a rarity. Then in 2015, SARSB randomly popped up on iTunes with all 50 songs completely intact in non-stop mix form. The kicker, however, was that they didn’t allow for the album to be purchased as a whole, meaning you’d have to buy each of the tracks individually for 200 yen. That means 10,000 yen for the entire album. Yeah, good luck with that.

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Mar 1

Rave Mix 02 -Best Hit EDM-
Release Date: 6/24/15
Price: 1200 yen

Two months after the revival of the Rave Mix series, Avex went on to release another digital non-stop mix by Remo-con. Unfortunately the series went back into hibernation after the second release, and it doesn’t look like Avex have any plans to revisit again anytime soon.

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