joule -Weekend Style- Best Hit Trance × Psychedelic – Final Release Info

joulejoule -Weekend Style- Best Hit Trance × Psychedelic
Release Date: 7/23/08
Price: 1905 yen

It turns out that the final list is the same as the tentative one I posted earlier. Does the world really need to hear “Grand Shake” again? I’m eagerly anticipating the new Delaction song, but chances are they’ll repeat it on a future album anyway.

01. Garnet / Delaction
02. TKO (Original Club Mix) / DJ U*Hey?
03. K.O. (Fighting Spirits Mix) / DJ U*Hey?
04. Everybody (Klubbingman Remix) / Rocco
05. Sound Star ~Tokyo Rave 2007~ (Type-R Mix) / DJ Tora + R-seq
06. That’s the Way (DJ Ten + Spiral Dirt Rmx Ver. 2.0) / X-Treme
07. Sousei no Aquarion (Extended Mix) / Delaction feat. Maki
08. You Fill Me Up (DJ Ten Remix) / S.T.F. feat. Keen
09. What Hurts the Most (Club Mix) / Cascada
10. Gate of Hell (DJ Hibiki & Ko-Taro Mix) / Delaction
11. Foma (Studio 101 Mix) / PM2
12. Lift Me Up (Final Vocal Rmx) / Sesto Sento
13. Blood Red Rain (Astrix Remix) / Zeta
14. Hit & Run / Skazi
15. Higher (When I Close My Eyes Remix) / GMS
16. Platinum Bash / Flying Beat
17. Aozora no Namida (2008 Remix) / Alkaloid
18. All of Time (Delaction Remix) / Oriental Space
19. Holylance (Texas Boys Remix) / DJ Yoshinori
20. Grand Shake (Nasca Joker’s World Mix) / DJ Joker Project Nasca
21. Time of Passion / Delaction
22. sui-ren / kagura

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