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Sep 30
Saifam Speed – September 2013
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Saifam Speed – September 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Quite a few new Speed tracks in September, which is nice to see after the relatively light output during July and August. One of the tracks, “Kryptonite,” is almost 200 BPM, while the others range from 156-168.

SPE230 – [4:47] Kryptonite (Speed remix) / Speedogang
SPE231 – [4:49] Mr Jones (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedmaster
SPE232 – [4:58] Who Are You (The Factory Speedo-Rock remix) / Speedmaster
SPE233 – [4:34] American Woman (The Factory speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE234 – [4:19] Our Song (The Factory Speedo Mix) / Speedogang
SPE235 – [4:20] I Will Follow (The Factory Team speed mix) / Speedmaster

Aug 31

Saifam Speed – June/July/August 2013
Artist: Various Artists

The past 3 months have brought quite a few new Speed tracks, with June in particular being very prolific.

SPE222 – [4:10] Cruise (The Factory Speedo remix) / Speedmaster
SPE223 – [3:48] Hava Nagila 2 0 (Alternative Sound remix) / Don Pablos Animals
SPE224 – [4:17] Here’s To Never Growing Up (Speed version) / Speedmaster
SPE225 – [4:14] Happening / Speedmaster
SPE226 – [4:25] One Day (Speed remix) / Speedmaster
SPE227 – [4:16] Gangsta’s Paradise (Alternative Sound Planet remix) / Speedogang
SPE228 – [3:50] Old Time Rock & Roll / Speedmaster
SPE229 – [4:08] The Other Side (AR speed mix) / Speedmaster

May 31
Saifam Speed – April/May 2013
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Saifam Speed – April/May 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Whoa, Saifam have been oddly prolific over the last two months, with a whopping 7 Speed tracks produced in April and May. Still no rhyme or reason to their song selection, however, with the latest batch ranging from “Heat Is On” (previously covered by CJ Crew) to “Children” by Robert Miles.

SPE215 – [4:11] Hall of Fame / Speedmaster
SPE216 – [4:49] Heat Is On (The Factory Speedo mix) / Speedogang
SPE217 – [3:45] Your Mama Don’t Dance (Speedo version) / Speedogang
SPE218 – [4:06] Mama Do the Hump (The Factory Speedo mix) / Speedmaster
SPE219 – [5:22] Battle Scars (Speedo remix) / Speedmaster
SPE220 – [4:01] One Way or Another / Speedmaster
SPE221 – [3:56] Madness (Factory Team Speed remix) / Speedmaster

Apr 11
Saifam Speed – March 2013
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Saifam Speed – March 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Another pair of Speed tracks for March. “Children” is a cover of the classic Robert Miles song, while “Try” is a P!nk cover.

SPE213 – [3:56] Children (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedogang
SPE214 – [4:33] Try (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedmaster
SPE214 – [4:19] Try (32 Counts version) / Speedmaster

Edit: As pointed out by Vincent in the comments, there’s also a new Interdance cover of Dancing Queen by Tipsy & Tipsy, the first new Interdance song since last October.

Feb 28
Saifam Speed – February 2013
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Saifam Speed – February 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Another pair of Speed tracks for February. “Follow You Down” is a cover of the Gin Blossoms song from 1996, while “Let’s Go Crazy” is a Prince cover.

SPE211 – [5:15] Follow You Down (Factory Speedo version) / Speedogang
SPE212 – [3:51] Let’s Go Crazy (The Factory Speed Team mix) / Speedmaster

Jan 30
Saifam Speed – January 2013
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Saifam Speed – January 2013
Artist: Various Artists

Another batch of Speed covers. Kind of surprised to see the new “We Will Rock You” remix being labeled as “Alternative Sound Planet remix.” My first thought was that it might be related to the Planet remixes from Dancemania Speed, but that seems unlikely given how long it’s been since the last Planet mix. I do wonder who did the remix, though. The other new track is a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright).”

SPE209 – [4:09] Uptight (Everything’s Alright) (Factory Speedo remix) / Speedmaster
SPE210 – [4:29] We Will Rock You (Alternative Sound Planet remix) / Mazerati

Dec 24

Saifam Speed – November/December 2012
Artist: Various Artists

Another batch of Speed covers, including songs by Bruno Mars and PSY.

SPE204 – [4:09] Whole Lotta Love / Speedogang
SPE205 – [3:59] Runaway Baby (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE206 – [3:53] What I Like About You (The Factory Speed remix) / Speedmaster
SPE207 – [4:09] Gangnam Style (Speedo mix) / Speedmaster
SPE208 – [5:04] Locked Out of Heaven (Speedo mix) / Speedogang

Nov 3
Saifam Speed – October 2012
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Saifam Speed – October 2012
Artist: Various Artists

Another batch of Speed songs from Saifam. First up is a cover of the Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez song, “One & The Same.” The next song is a cover of the Neon Trees song, “Everybody Talks.” Finally, there’s a cover of “Freeze Frame,” originally by J. Geils Band. I guess they always have to have an old-school cover in each batch.

SPE201 – [4:15] One & The Same (The Factory Team Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE202 – [4:22] Everybody Talks (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE203 – [4:19] Freeze Frame (The Factory Hardcore remix) / Speedogang

Oct 8
Saifam Speed – October 2012
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Saifam Speed – October 2012
Artist: Various Artists

Wow, Saifam’s been prolific lately. October has barely started and they’ve already released 3 new Speed songs. The first is a cover of the Three 6 Mafia song, “It’s a Fight.” The second is a cover of the Tiffany song, “I Saw Him Standing There,” which itself was a cover of The Beatles’ “I Saw Her Standing There.” Finally, their latest Speed creation is a cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s inescapable “Call Me Maybe.” It actually turned out really well. o_O

SPE198 – [5:30] It’s a Fight (The Factory Team Speed mix) / Speedogang
SPE199 – [4:23] I Saw Him Standing There (The Factory Team Turbo remix) / Speedmaster
SPE200 – [5:01] Call Me Maybe (Factory Team Turbo remix) / Speedmaster

Sep 15

Saifam Speed – July/August/September
Artist: Various Artists

New covers of tracks from LMFAO, The Hooters, and Poison.

SPE195 – [3:32] Sexy & I Know It (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE196 – [4:23] And We Danced (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedogang
SPE197 – [4:43] Talk Dirty To Me (Factory Team Turbo mix) / Speedmaster

Jun 11
Saifam Speed – June 2012
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Saifam Speed – June 2012
Artist: Various Artists

June’s Speed releases bring us a Disko Warp remix of the Happy Paradise 2 classic, “Bang! Ready to Go,” to accompany the recent J-Mi & Midi-D remix. I kinda wonder why the chose that track out of all the Happy Paradise songs to remix. Anyway, this marks the first time Disko Warp have done a remix for Saifam. Perhaps Saifam will return the favor in the future?

Also out is a Speed cover of the Richard Marx 80s song, “Should’ve Known Better.”

SPE193 – [3:52] Bang! Ready to Go (Disko Warp remix) / Tipsy & Tipsy
SPE194 – [5:37] Should’ve Known Better (The Factory Team Speed remix) / Speedmaster

May 27
Saifam Speed – May 2012
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Saifam Speed – May 2012
Artist: Various Artists

Another random set of Speed songs. “Turning Japanese” turned out pretty well, but “Not Afraid” lacks the rapid-fire rapping of CJ Crew’s “Lose Yourself” and ends up sounding a bit slow. “Iron Man” appears to be a slightly reworked version of the SAI1416 track released 4 years ago.

SPE190 – [4:41] Turning Japanese (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE191 – [5:15] Not Afraid (The Factory Speed mix) / MC Boy
SPE192 – [5:12] Iron Man (The Factory Speedo mix) / Speedogang

And I forgot to mention it last month, but Saifam also did a Zippers cover of the Captain Jack song, “People Like to Party.”

DAN19057 – [4:15] People Like to Party (The Factory Team remix) / Zippers

May 5
Saifam Speed – April 2012
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Saifam Speed – April 2012
Artist: Various Artists

April’s selection of Speed tracks brings us a pair of 80s movie theme hits as well as a cover of 2 Unlimited’s last single.

SPE186 – [4:41] Surfin’ USA (The Factory Team Speedo mix) / Speedmaster
SPE187 – [3:43] Footloose (The Factory Team Speed mix) / Thomas
SPE188 – [4:34] Jump for Joy (Alternative Planet remix) / Speedmaster
SPE188 – [4:23] Jump for Joy (Alternative Planet hard mix) / Speedmaster
SPE189 – [5:00] Holding Out for a Hero (Factory Speed mix) / Speedogang

Mar 25

Saifam Speed – February/March 2012
Artist: Various Artists

Another bunch of new tracks from Speed Records. “Shake It Up” is a cover of The Cars song, not the Selena Gomez one. “Heartbreaker” is a cover of the Pat Benatar song. “I’ve Done Everything for You” is a cover of the Sammy Hagar/Rick Springfield song. “The Middle” is a cover of the Jimmy Eat World song.

SPE182 – [4:21] Shake It Up (Factory Speed mix) / Speedmaster
SPE183 – [4:21] Heartbreaker (Factory Speed remix) / Speedogang
SPE184 – [4:26] I’ve Done Everything For You (The Factory Team Speed remix) / Speedogang
SPE185 – [4:11] The Middle (The Factory Speed mix) / Speedogang

Also out in March is a new 2012 update of “Bang! Ready to Go,” this time remixed by J-Mi & Midi-D of United Forces. It’s a decent take on the song, but it’s hard to top the energy of the original. Hmm, I wonder if they’ll be updating any other Happy Paradise songs…

DAN19056 – [5:42] Bang! Ready to Go (J-Mi & Midi-D 2K12 Mix) / Speedogang

Feb 15

Jenny Rom Bubble Eurobeat EP selected by Jenny Rom
Release Date: 2/13/12
Price: $2.99

It’s been almost 3 years since the last new Jenny Rom song (not including remixes), but “she” returns in 2012 with a cover of the Dusty Springfield hit, “I Only Want to Be with You.” Technically, this is just a reworking of the A.Kay-BJ version from a few years back. 🙁 I enjoyed the original and like this eurobeat remix too, but can’t help but feel that Saifam attached the Jenny Rom name just to play with our hearts. The song is also available at Juno Downloads.

Anyway, there are 5 other tracks in the EP, including the United Forced remix of “www.Blonde Girl.” Come on Saifam, give us a second Jenny Rom album with new material 🙁

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