Jenny Rom Bubble Eurobeat EP – Digital Downloads

Jenny Rom Bubble Eurobeat EP selected by Jenny Rom
Release Date: 2/13/12
Price: $2.99

It’s been almost 3 years since the last new Jenny Rom song (not including remixes), but “she” returns in 2012 with a cover of the Dusty Springfield hit, “I Only Want to Be with You.” Technically, this is just a reworking of the A.Kay-BJ version from a few years back. 🙁 I enjoyed the original and like this eurobeat remix too, but can’t help but feel that Saifam attached the Jenny Rom name just to play with our hearts. The song is also available at Juno Downloads.

Anyway, there are 5 other tracks in the EP, including the United Forced remix of “www.Blonde Girl.” Come on Saifam, give us a second Jenny Rom album with new material 🙁

01. [4:36] I Only Want to Be with You (The Factory Team Eurobeat Remix) / Jenny Rom
02. [4:15] Bang Bang Baby (Peek-a-Boo Speedy Mix) / Peek A Boo
03. [3:56] I’m a Gummy Bear (Bubble Dance) / Zippers
04. [4:16] Crazy Party (Long West Edit) / Captain Hook
05. [3:13] Flinstones (The Dance Mix) / Zippers
06. [5:24] www.Blonde Girl (United Forces Extended Mix) / Jenny Rom

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