Anison Matome – Digital Downloads

Anison Matome
Release Date: 6/24/15
Price: 1350 yen

Digital collection featuring full versions of various Akiba Koubou covers. Some of these are quite rare, and I believe haven’t been offered as full versions before.

Available on iTunes Japan and other digital storefronts.

01. [4:55] Say No! / Rosie
02. [4:26] Eureka Baby / Ayumi Nomiya
03. [5:05] Fuwa Fuwa Jikan / Usa
04. [3:54] Kimi + Nazo + Watashi de Jump!! / Ayumi Nomiya
05. [4:22] Fantastic future / Rosie
06. [4:29] Light My Fire / Kei
07. [4:15] Preserved Roses / Yamadan & Kinoko
08. [3:38] Heart & Soul / Shihori
09. [3:30] Hikari to Kage o Dakishimeta Mama / Hanatan
10. [4:24] I Say Yes / Haruka
11. [3:34] Guren no Yumiya / No Doubt
12. [3:16] ignited -ignited- / Satsy
13. [4:43] KI-ZU-NA ~ Haruka Naru Mono e / Shihori
14. [4:21] flower of bravery / Yu-I
15. [4:37] Give a reason / Suzumi
16. [4:58] Believe / Suzumi
17. [4:41] Go Tight! / Shihori
18. [4:14] Invoke -Invoke- / Satsy
19. [3:10] Cat’s Eye / Shihori
20. [3:22] Chikyuu Orchestra / Ask
21. [3:55] Makafushigi Adventure! / Yamadan
22. [4:09] We Go! / Yamadan
23. [4:31] Pegasus Gensou / rion
24. [3:56] Condition Green ~Kinkyuu Hasshin~ / Usa
25. [4:22] Star Rise / Mi->Na
26. [6:00] Triangler / Usa
27. [4:26] Cutie Honey / Nagisa
28. [4:52] DuDiDuWa*lalala / Kei
29. [2:40] Himitsu no Akko-chan / Kei
30. [4:09] Mahou Shoujo Magical-tan! / Kei
31. [4:49] Eternal Blaze / Miyabi
32. [4:17] innocent starter / Usa
33. [3:51] Seikan Hikou / Rin
34. [5:14] Cosmic Love / Nagisa
35. [4:23] Groovin’ Magic / Usa
36. [5:40] Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari / Rosie
37. [4:28] Sparkling Daydream / Kei

9 Responses

  1. DJ Timotei Says:

    Omg yaayyy this is the best things that’s ever happened to me. And since AKBK hasn’t released anything Eurobeat for awhile, this should make up for all that. But sadly all these songs are only arranged by Tsukasa (that’s rayto), heheh… Would’ve loved if they released the full version of Future gazer / @yaka sometime….

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    Looks like the AKBK site is down. RIP.

  3. DJ Timotei Says:

    Well that totally sucks, especially since it was just up a week ago. I hope they aren’t closing shop tho, even though I won’t be surprised if they did. How can they expect to have sales when every album is goddamn repeats, at least A-one releases new tracks in all their toho eurobeat albums. The only time I see repeats are when they have the “Best of 201X” non stop mixes.

  4. DJ Timotei Says:

    It’s confirmed that Akiba Koubou officially went bankrupt on 2016-06-01. Sad, looks like no more Jpop Eurobeat.

  5. William Says:

    It’s sad when I start to think i loved AKBK since the beginning when i was 15 years old.. They had the perfect recipe for success. A lot of their stuff was everywhere , video games , anime , idol groups etc..Their music studio in Taito shut down in late 2014 , since then it was pretty much home-made or every producer for themselves. At least some still continue with the Toho Eurobeat project..

  6. DJ Timotei Says:

    Yeah.. and sadly valle Blanco seems to have disappeared forever. AKBK member Tsukasa Rayto has moved to Crazy beats and it’s producing “Initial T” together with Beat Charger, also previously an AKBK arranger. DJ Command is now officially running “Eurobeat Union” with Plum records. Looks like effectively they’ve all moved to making Touhou Eurobeat.

  7. William Says:

    Ive only heard once from Valle Blanco since AKBK stopped and i think he is mostly making music for video games now for the company noisycroak. And thanks for the heads up about Rayto !! Didn’t know where he went since.. Nostalgia is hitting when thinking about AKBK 😛

  8. DJ Timotei Says:

    So it seems 2 new AKBK albums have popped up this year. Both featuring 13 full length tracks each. The albums, although contained repeats, were mostly composed of songs that were not released as full versions before so I’m honestly happy with my buy. And there were new tracks as well.

  9. William Says:

    ohhh i havent heard about those 2 new albums !? .. i have been so out of the loop of AKBK since their website closed etc haha .. and thank you Timotei btw because its thanks to you i was able to listen to the newer Geki Atsu albums 🙂

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