Overhead Champion – Music for the Party People – Final Release Info

Music for the Party People
Artist: Overhead Champion
Release Date: 1/14/15
Price: 1852 yen


There have been quite a few release parties for the new album, one of which coincided with Tragenic’s 7th anniversary. Apparently attendees received a special mix CD, presumably mixed by DJ Yoshinori. Come on, Exit Tunes, please bring back Tragenic 🙁

Original Post:

The final track list for OHC’s new album is as incredible as one would expect, with collaborations from trance legends like DJ Kaya, DJ Minagawa, DJ Yoshinori, Glutton Boyz and DJ Kenny! Many of the collaborations are new 2015 versions of classics like “Holylance,” “Jack Knife” and “Blue Force,” so it’ll be interesting to see how they’ve updated the sound. Also featured are some of his various singles over the past few years, including his last two singles with Avex, Blackout and Ready for Take Off. There are 19 tracks in all. Hopefully the album does well enough to reinvigorate the trance scene in Japan.

Track lengths indicate that these are radio edits, as extended versions of “Ready for Take Off” and “Blackout” are known to exist. It’ll be interesting to see if Dreamusic will put up extended versions on iTunes. Full versions of some songs from Sick EDM 02 were very briefly available, but quickly pulled for some reason. Hopefully Dreamusic have sorted out their digital distribution since then.

01. [4:11] No Border / DJ Kaya & OHC
02. [3:52] Mistake / Minagawa & OHC
03. [3:37] Holylance 2015 / DJ Yoshinori & OHC
04. [3:43] Ready for Take Off / Overhead Champion
05. [4:10] Blackout / Overhead Champion
06. [3:47] Grand Canyon 2015 / DJ Gen & OHC & Pandora
07. [3:06] Forget-Me-Not / Overhead Champion
08. [4:13] Vibes / DJ T2Y & OHC
09. [3:54] Shine a Light (OHC Remix) / DJ Takuma feat. Angella Giustini
10. [3:55] Wings / tAisuke & OHC
11. [3:24] Inpulse / C’k & OHC
12. [3:47] Jack Knife (2015 Exclusive Edit) / Glutton Champion Boyz
13. [3:42] Summer Beach / Overhead Champion
14. [3:38] Trance Sugeeenaaa Z / Overhead Champion
15. [3:14] The Great Chopin / Overhead Champion
16. [3:19] Sky / Overhead Champion
17. [4:37] Tension / Overhead Champion
18. [4:13] Blue Force 2015 / Overhead Champion
19. [4:48] Possitive ~Music for the Party People~ / Overhead Champion

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25 Responses

  1. Doc-S Says:

    Is it mixed then or not? I’m confused.

  2. DanceMaster Says:

    My copy is on its way so I can’t say for sure yet, but I haven’t seen any indication that it’s mixed.

    However, though “Ready for Take Off” matches the track length from the single, “Black Out” is a little longer than the single edit.

  3. Doc-S Says:

    If it isn’t mixed it wouldn’t make sense considering Japan’s trend.
    I actually hope it would be.

  4. DanceMaster Says:

    I guess it could go either way, as his first album was mixed, but his second wasn’t.

    Anyway, it’s been a week since release and still no digital version in sight.

  5. skibblesx Says:

    Eternity was gay as fuck Radio Edits

    Let us know how this rolls over 8I; (((Waiting for extended vinyl or uploads somewhere))))

  6. skibblesx Says:


    also 20 music said it’s CD only :/

  7. DanceMaster Says:

    Pretty disappointing. I’m grateful an album is being released at all, but not having a digital release in this day and age seems shortsighted.

  8. Doc-S Says:

    A lot of the trance stuff rarely makes it on iTunes though. No Hime Trance, the Super Best Trance EPs taken down so quickly, etc.

  9. skibblesx Says:

    fun fact the SBT EPs are still for sale on Oricon Music

  10. DanceMaster Says:

    Ooh, interesting. I seem to recall that even those were taken down before, so I wonder if they can actually be ordered and downloaded?

  11. Doc-S Says:

    Oh c’mon DM, if Tragenic is revived you know you’ll be disappointed at how many generic repeats it’ll contain.

  12. DanceMaster Says:

    Haha, probably, but it’d be worth it for even one new DJ Yoshinori song.

  13. Doc-S Says:

    If you got that even.

  14. skibblesx Says:

    Ordered the album! I paid EMS BECAUSE I NEED IT NOW

  15. DanceMaster Says:

    Heh, I preordered but cheaped out on shipping, so I only got today. I should confirm that it’s indeed unmixed. Some of the 20 music collaborations aren’t really to my taste, but the new tracks and trance collaborations are fantastic. “Jack Knife” and “Blue Force” are my early favorites, but I’m probably biased since I loved the originals so much.

  16. Doc-S Says:

    I’m still debating whether to order or not.
    Will you do a review? I usually like your reviews.

  17. DanceMaster Says:

    I dunno, I’m a bit shit at identifying genres. I’d probably just label everything as either trance or EDM, heh.

    I will say that the album is almost entirely instrumental, save for tracks 8 and 9, a totally unexpected rap in track 19, and random samples here and there. Going with so many collaborations ended up being a great idea, however, as it really gives the album a more varied sound than his previous albums. My only problem with the album, aside from the few EDM tracks, is that there are essentially 9 repeats from his EPs and singles and 4 remixes of older trance tracks. That leaves only 6 new, original tracks. Of course, if you haven’t following his releases the past few years I guess it’ll be all new to you anyway.

  18. skibblesx Says:

    Im so ready for this hhhhh. Im assuming it’s radio edits like Eternity. But I’ll do a throughout review and list the generes for the tracks cause I hear some scouse house/j-trance/traditional trance/hard trance/Electro house in there. This a p solid variety.

    Either way I bought every other CD of his and im willing to support any way I can B^)

  19. DanceMaster Says:

    Yup, all radio edits. The weird thing is the edit of “Blackout” here is different than the radio edit on the single. I believe 10 of the 19 tracks have full versions already available on various digital singles/EPs.

    No word on sales yet. It’s definitely a niche release in this day and age so I don’t really expect it to chart on Oricon, but hopefully it sells at a level that’s enough to convince Dreamusic to do more.

  20. skibblesx Says:

    Finally got mine in the mail! I AM SO HAPPY WITH THIS

  21. Jeff Says:

    Curious, what is the address for Oricon Music. Just want to take a look if those SBT still available…

  22. Vincent Says:

    On a related note from Overhead Champion. I was browsing the iTunes store and there is a new song by Overhead Champion with DJ Kaya called No Border.

  23. Doc-S Says:

    There’s been a few new EPs released this year from J-Trance artists.

  24. DanceMaster Says:


    I haven’t tried buying anything from there yet, but it looks like they block foreign IPs.

  25. DanceMaster Says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Looks like they have another collab coming up in December, too.

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