Niconikoushien ~Minna Yakyuu Sukika!?~ – Pre-release Info

NiconikoushienNico Nico Koushien ~Minna Yakyuu Sukika!?~
Release Date: 7/21/10
Price: 2405 yen

A baseball-themed sequel to Nikonikouhaku. Akiba Koubou will be producing once again, though it’s unclear if the songs will still be done in a eurobeat style.

01. Touch / Yoppei
02. Ai ga Hitoribocchi / Yuge
03. Little Soldier / Korosuke
04. Niji no Grand Slam / Sekihan
05. Senseisho -Bible- / Chachako, Hana-tan
06. Ikuze! Ikkiman!! / Hagane Tsuwamono & Yamadan
07. Kimi wa Nanika ga Dekiru
08. Ganbare! Dokaben
09. Neraiuchi / Nanahira, Boku

Pre-order at CDJapan.

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  1. ???? Says:

    I need this for yoppei.

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